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Allstar Collision Services Ltd.


The auto body repair industry encompasses many aspects of repair. Some repairs require specialists to do a portion they are specifically trained for. I source the best sub-trades I can, as it is a direct reflection on Allstar Collision Services ability to return the customers vehicle to pre accident condition.

Over the 30 plus year I have been in the auto body repair industry I have used many different company for trim and vinyl repair. Like cream only a few rise to the top, mainly as a result of their quality. But in this competitive industry there is more than the ability to do a good job. Service sets the leader a part from the rest.

Rip n Tear is my choice for that reason. I receive a quality repair in the time line I require. Lloyd and his crew make them selves available on a moment notice. Many occasions I have had to request a last minute repair and Rip n Tear come through ever time.

The one characteristic that impressed me many years ago, and the main reason I keep using Rip n Tear, is integrity. If, on the rare occasion, one of their repairs are sub standards Lloyd makes himself available to correct the problem immediately. There is no hassle and no complaining. This is essential in returning the repaired vehicle back to my customer in a timely fashion. 

I would find it difficult to believe anyone to find that Rip n Tear did not perform to their expectations.

Ken Bregg
Allstar Collision Services Ltd.



I have been the Body Shop Manager for Dams Ford Lincoln Sales for 10 years. During that time we have used Rip N Tear Vinyl Repair to do all of our trim repairs ie. dash, seats, headliners etc. I have found both the service and quality of repair to be exceptional our customers are always satisfied with the repairs.

Alf Derksen
Body Shop Manager
Dams Ford Collision Langley, BC 

Flag Chevrolet Oldsmobile LTD.


To Whom it May Concern,

Vinyl and dash repairs, seats and re-colouring techniques all come down to a very precise and intricate part of everyday automotive repairs.

I have been in the automotive repair business for over 30 years and have had many dealings with many vinyl repair companies, none of which can compare with the professionalism and quality of "Rip N Tear" viny repair company. Not only are their leather, vinyl and re-colouring techniques down to a perfect science, the average cost of repairs are well thought out and fair to us, the consumer.

I cannot say enough about the pleasurable dealings I have had, and will hope to continue to have, with my local "Rip N Tear" dealer.

Bruce Quallly
Flag Chevrolet
Body Shop Manager

Kirmac Collision Service - Newton

To Whom it May Concern,

I have had the pleasure of having Lloyd Orr from Rip N Tear Vinyl Repair do various vinyl repairs for us in the past 5 1/2 years. The quality of work has been excellent, reasonably priced for today's market and always done in a prompt and efficient manner.

I would highly recommend anyone that has not used their service to give them a try.

Yours Truly,

Larry Kidd
Kirmac Collision Service


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