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Welcome to Rip N’ Tear!

What sets Rip N’ Tear apart from the rest, is the unique repair processes that have been expertly tested throughout the years.  The repairs range from: vinyl, leather and cloth seats, different plastics such as door panels, trim panels, dashes, and bumpers.

Rip N’ Tear values the good relationships we have with our customers who range from insurance companies, body shops, vehicle dealerships, restaurants, and more.

If you have been in an accident or have interior vehicle damage, make sure the job is done right.  Our repairs will be done to your satisfaction with a guarantee.  The body shops we approve also guarantee their workmanship.

Feel free to email us with a picture of the damage, and we’ll let you know if it can be repaired and provide you with anestimate.  Most importantly, before you write anything off as un-repairable,
– You’ll be amazed what we can repair!




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